QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is available in the finance hub.

Element Information Details
API Documentation QuickBooks Enterprise SDK Docs
Authentication Custom
Events Polling
Bulk Supported for both upload and download
Virtual Data Resources and Transformations Supported. See Define Virtual Data Resources and Transformations for more information about transforming your QuickBooks Enterprise data.

QuickBooks Enterprise Versioning Note

Intuit has made a change in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop (aka QuickBooks Enterprise - QBE) such that if you or your customers choose to update your on-prem QuickBooks installation, the existing versions of the Ground2Cloud (G2C) QB Connector will no longer function. This Intuit update supports SDK 14 as the default version, but Cloud Elements still leverages SDK 13.0 and was depending on the returned version from QB to make its decision. This is breaking the existing connector as the existing QB connector is built with version 13 of the SDK.

The solution is to install the new QB Connector bundled in G2C version 0.6.32 (https://github.com/cloud-elements/g2c-releases/releases/tag/v0.6.32) that caps the SDK version; Cloud Elements will release a longer-term solution that allows you to use the correct versions. Note that if the Intuit/QuickBooks update is installed with an old QB Connector, then any element request attempts will fail with a 500 response indicating "Unsupported qbXML version".