QuickBooks Enterprise - What versions of QuickBooks Enterprise are supported?

Ground2Cloud uses the QuickBooks SDK, and supports every version of QuickBooks that is supported by that SDK. This includes all United States, Canada and UK versions of QuickBooks from 2012->2018.

The QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE) element itself supports CA and UK in terms of the functionality that the SDK supports, but there may be limitations in the QBE element resources for CA and UK versions. This limitation is because the CA and UK versions have all the same endpoints and use the same SDK, but the difference is that there may be extra or missing fields depending on the specific endpoint. As part of development for the QBE element to officially support QuickBooks Canada and UK versions the models will need to be updated to accurately reflect accepted fields for the CA/UK versions; if you have a specific requirement please reach out to your contacts at Cloud Elements to ensure your use case is supported.

It is also important to note that the QBE element supports all 3 versions of QuickBooks on-premises applications (Pro, Premier, Enterprise).