Production Changelog - August/September 2020

September 30, 2020

Elements — Intacct V3

We added support for the trial balances object (GET /trial-balances).

Elements — Snowflake

We enhanced the Snowflake element by adding the following:

  • support for the /objects resource to retrieve objects, as well as their fields and swagger docs
  • a new fetchAll parameter, giving you the ability to refresh schema when calling for the objects by setting to true (default value is false)
  • standardized response for the GET /ping API


  • We updated the backend mechanisms by which accounts are activated and deleted.
  • We implemented a stronger password policy for all user organizations; see the policy in detail here.

September 23, 2020

Elements (general)

We added a Modified Date field to element instance metadata; GET /instances responses now also include the instances' modified date.

Elements — ServiceNow, ServiceNow OAuth

We enhanced the ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth elements, adding the abilities to:

  • Get all objects from the vendor using a GET /objects call (see ServiceNow docs)
  • Properly handle the ping endpoint
  • Perform CRUDs by /{objectName}

September 16, 2020


We added the ability to manually disable formula debug logging by setting debugLoggingEnabled on your formulas to false.


We implemented additional security restrictions around upsert/delete APIs.

August 19, 2020

Elements — Netsuite (all)

We enabled extendability to the Netsuite elements, allowing you to add resources and other custom enhancements. (docs)

August 13, 2020

Elements — Jira On Prem

We added the transitions object to the Jira On Prem element; you can use GET /incidents/{id}/transitions to return a specific transition by ID.

August 10, 2020

Elements — Sage One

We enhanced the Sage Accounting element, adding the Attachments endpoint and its relevant methods. (docs)

Elements — Salesforce Sales Cloud

We removed an unnecessary authentication parameter (sfdc.token.url) from the Salesforce Sales Cloud element's authentication workflow to streamline the process while maintaining security.

Elements — SAP Business One

We added the LineTaxJurisdictions field to the downpayment and creditMemo resources of the SAP Business One element.

Elements — Sharepoint

We updated the Sharepoint element to allow you to use a subsite value in the `siteAddress` configuration parameter.

Elements — SuccessFactors

We added new polling event-supporting resources (docs) to the SuccessFactors element:

  • EmpPayCompRecurring
  • FOCorporateAddressDEFLT
  • FOJobCode

Elements — ZohoCRMV2

We added new objects to the ZohoCRMV2 element:


We updated formula logging, adding a manual ID to formula instance execution ID logs to provide better log searching.