Frequently Asked Questions

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What data does Cloud Elements store?
Typically we will not log the data that was sent or received. However, request/response metadata such as the url, method, and timestamp is retained for 180 days. Any customer data is immediately destroyed upon account deletion.
How do I reset my password?
Click your profile picture in the lower-left, and then click My Profile. Use the Credentials form to change your password.
How Does Cursor Pagination Work?
Cursor pagination is an alternative to traditional pagination. The response headers contain a next page token that can be passed into the next request to get the next page of results.
Do I need to refresh the Cloud Elements Tokens?
No, tokens never expire.
What is an element token and how do I find it?
Tokens are the unique strings that we use to verify the identity of instances. Use tokens in the Authorization header sent in many requests including all requests that use a specific instance.
What is an element instance?
A single authenticated connections to an API provider.