Production Changelog - March 2022


  • PUT /instances/{instanceId}/instance-events call now allows you to filter the event configuration.
  • Refreshing an instance was returning 503 for expired instances.
  • The resource upload was failing intermittently in Manage Environments.
  • The caching handling on platform is now improved.
  • When an element instance is disabled, email notifications are now sent to the mail address of the user.
  • GET /users call is now optimised and would execute in much lesser time.


  • Formulas were stuck in pending execution indefinitely.



  • orderby and orderbydesc query params are now supported on ServiceNow element.
    Updated the where clause descriptions on few resources to reflect the accurate information.

Amazon Marketplace 

  • This element is now deprecated.

Zoho CRM v2

  • Resolved a couple of swagger errors in Zoho CRM v2.


  •  fields  field in GET /employee call can now parse the space character and 
    comma separations accurately.


  • Made changes in Quickbooks element to handle unsupported operations.

SAP Business One

  • A null pointer exception occurred while creating an instance.


  • The script execution was failing earlier due to Javascript executions using POST calls.