Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.194

Release notes -- v2.208.194 (since v2.208.183)


EL-1588: Adding Basic Auth header to Event Notification End Point

  • Addition of optional Basic Authentication header to the Event Notification End-point
  • While provisioning the element, two optional fields are provided, UserName and password.On providing those values, the event notification end points will have Base64 Encoded Basic token as the Authorization header

EL-1806 | BrightTALK - Modified Questions Object Metadata

  • Modified the Metadata for BrightTalk element for the following fields: "id", "text", "answered" and "questionEmbedUrl.url".

EL-1427 Fixed NPE when one drive does not respond with in time.

  • Fixed NPE when create folder call is made and one drive is experiencing load.

EL-1756 Hubspot CRM - Changed activities update from put to patch

  • Fixed PATCH failure due to missing fields for activities endpoint in Hubspot CRM element.

EL-1926 | ZohocrmV2 - x-searchable is missing in the model objects amp; EL-1868 Zohocrmv2: Issue from element irs test run

  • I have made changes X-searchable fields to all the object in ZohoCRMV2 for All Get operation example(accounts, leads, activities-Events).EL-1868 Zohocrmv2: Issue from element irs test run
  • I have even made the changes in EL-1868 for activities-calls, Reminder must have enum with type string.

EL-1852: Fixed Expensify element's models

  • Expensify request models now show required fields.