AR Payments

AR Payments
Proceeds or payments received from the customers who purchased the goods or services on credit.

externalIdstringFriendly reference of the payment/reference of payment from an external system
idstringIdentifier for the payment, unique to the company in the accounting platform.
amountnumberAmount of the payment in the payment currency. 
customerobjectAn object of customer associated with the payment
paymentDatedateThe date of the payment made
glPostDatedateThe date of posting of this transaction in the accounting system (General Ledger)
exchangeRatenumberRate to convert the total amount of the payment into the base currency
linesarrayAn array of payment lines
currencystringCurrency of the payment 
descriptionstringAny additional information about the payment
totalOutstandingAmountnumberTotal amount outstanding from the customer.
bankAccountstringThe bank account in which the payment was made
createdDatedateDate the record was created in the accounting system.
paymentReceiptDatedateThe date payment is received 
accountstringThe AR account in the accounting system  linked to this transaction
modifiedDatedateDate the record was last updated in the accounting system.
referencestringA friendly payment reference
checkNumberstringThe cheque number in case payment was made by cheque
cardNumberstringThe card number in case payment was made by card
cardNamestringThe card name in case payment was made by card
cardExpirystringThe card expiry date in case payment was made by card
paymentMethodstringThe mode of payment


customer.idstringIdentifier of the customer
customer.namestringName of the customer


lines[*].invoiceNumberstringThe invoice number associated with the payment
lines[*].typestringThe type of payment made
lines[*].amountDueAgainstInvoicenumberThe total amount due against invoice
lines[*].amountnumberThe amount paid against invoice in the payment
lines[*].idstringThe unique identifier of this line in the sales order
lines[*].discountAvailablenumberThe total applicable discount amount on this payment
lines[*].discountDatedateThe date of the discount applied on the payment