Changing the Password of a Cloud Elements Account with an Inaccessible Email Address

There may come a time where you need to reset a password so you can access an account within your organization but the existing email is no longer valid, perhaps due to an employee leaving or for other reasons. To accomplish this task, you must have access to an Organization Administrator's account and follow these steps: 

  1. Go in the API docs => Organization tab => and get the email address from the API call GET/organizations/users
  2. Take the user ID for the generic email address and using PATCH/organizations/users/{id} update the email address with a valid email (example: {"email": ""}).
  3. Use the UI to send a reset password link for the new email address (click on forgot password and add the new email address).
  4. Use the password reset link received in the valid email address inbox to reset the password.
  5. Go back in the Organization tab of the parent account and change the email address from step number 2 with the initially generic email address.