Production Changelog - May 2021


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Cloud

We enhanced the element, adding access to the Tax Details service with objectId 468.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • We fixed an issue that resulted in 400 errors when calling some resources.
  • We updated the element's swagger API documentation.


We fixed an issue that prevented the element's GET request for the OAuth2 flow from properly generating in the UI.

ServiceNow OAuth

We fixed some issues with the element's metadata call.


We fixed an issue that caused these element resources to fail:

  • POST/channels
  • GET/channels
  • GET/channels/{channelId}
  • GET/channels/{channelId}/history
  • POST/channels/{channelId}/user
  • DELETE/channels/{channelId}/user/{userId}
  • POST/messages
  • GET/messages
  • GET/messages/{messageThreadId}
  • DELETE/messages/{messageThreadId}


We added support for polling events.

Zoho CRM v2

  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from mapping VDRs to the users object in the UI.
  • We made the fields between the contacts object metadata call consistent with the Contacts object.


  • We added a button to the Formula Debugger that polls the Formula's status until it's successful, failed, or canceled, making it easier to debug a large formula.
  • We added the ability to view details of a given canceled formula execution on the Formula Executions page.


  • We enhanced the error messaging for any failed artifact migrations, making artifact-based errors clearer to identify when managing environments.
  • We fixed some issues with the platform API's GET /audit-logs call not returning comprehensive results in its response.

UI Enhancements

We added organization information to Configuration, allowing you to identify which account you're currently signed into.


  • We enhanced the platform API calls for VDRs, providing additional consistency and improved responses.
  • We fixed an issue that caused occasional 500 errors when migrating certain VDRs from staging to production.
  • We made some improvements to the VDR user experience.