Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.307

Release notes -- v2.208.307 (since vhotfix-EL-2134)


EL-1250 : Added new Member Endpoint for Facebook Workplace Element

  • Created new Endpoint 'Member' for Facebook Workplace where we can fetch Member Id using Email Address.

EL-2100 | Fixed NPE when backend returns no records while calling getLookups

  • Fixed NPE when backend returns no records while calling getLookups

EL-17 - Netsuite Finance and ERP - Added /ItemGroup API

  • Added SR for /item-groups to Netsuite Finance and ERP

SLYT-1012 added onfailure step to deployservers to trigger PD event

EL-1299 | Fixed folder creation when there are duplicates in the paths to be created

  • Creating folders on one drive with paths containing duplicates is resulting in few missing nested folders.

SLYT-853 move ci to use master branch instead of develop

EL-2073 - BrightTalk - Bulk job Completed for failed request

  • Fix Bulk Issue - BrightTalk - To populate error message for failed request

EL-2107 | Handling Access denied error for Pardot

  • When a user don't have permission to invoke APIs, We will be throwing 403 along with providerMessage

EL-2136 Fixed Successfactors to validate credentials during provisioning

  • Fixed Successfactors to prevent creating instance with invalid login credentials

EL-2137:Taleo Validate Credentials on Instance creation

  • Credentials are validated on creating a Taleo Business Instance

SLYT-1109 deploy servers polling instead of synchronous

EL-2054 : Facebook Workplace java hook issue adding unnecessary fields in request

  • Removed unnecessary addition of fields in request for Facebook Workplace element when we post an image with message to a group.

EL-2158 Infusionsoft CRM Advanced model changes

  • Infusionsoft CRM: Advanced models for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities objects.

EL-1249 : Added new endpoint to post an Image with Message for FB Workplace Element

  • Added new Endpoint to post an Image with Message into a group for Facebook Workplace element.

EL-2111: Added version to zuorav2 hook's describe endpoint

  • Added more details for Customer POST request to indicate which fields are required.

EL-2228 | Exposing TangoCard base URL to accommodate both Sandbox and Production environments

  • Exposing Tango card base URL to accommodate both Sandbox and Production environments

Shopify: Added support for mandatory webhooks on shopify

  • If events are enabled for the instance, events for the below 2 topics now be received:
  • customer/redact
  • shop/redact

SLYT-205 Limit response size

  • Non multipart-request vendor responses are size-limited, and will result in a 500 error if the response is too large.