Release Notes - Version 2.200

Release notes -- develop (since 2.199)


EL-407 FreshBooksClassic: Removed unwanted fields

  • Removed extra fields in response model for `GET-/customers/{id}

EL-772 Magento: Model defect fix

  • Fixed model defect for PUT /orders/{id}

EL-579 Slack: Fixed failing me and groups APIs

  • GET /me and GET /groups APIs are working.

EL-675 Object metadata version 2.0

  • Created new API /objects/{objectName}/metadata for Helium version i.e version 2
  • This version metadata depends on the element models and advanced model properties to be returned as part of metadata
  • Supports custom fields and custom objects

EL-479 Zoho CRMV2 : Fixed Model defects

  • Added missing property 'First_Name' in GET - /contacts/{id} model

EL-759 : Stripe - Returns 400 status code for invalid JSON for /charges/{id}/capture POST

  • Now, for API POST /charges/{id}/capture for stripe on passing invalid json like "{", it returns status code as 200 with appropriate error message.