Expense Invoices

Expense Invoices
A commercial document issued to a customer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the services, and agreed prices for services provided to the customer along with the payment terms agreed.

  • lines
lines[*].department.idstringThe unique id of the department for which the services has been ordered.
lines[*].department.namestringThe name of the department for which the services has been ordered.
lines[*].descriptionstringThe description / notes pertaining to the services
lines[*].location.idstringThe unique id of the location for which the services has been ordered.
lines[*].location.namestringThe name of the location for which the services has been ordered.
lines[*].subTotalnumberThe total amount of the line excluding taxes
lines[*].taxAmountnumberAmount of tax for the line.
lines[*].taxCodestringThe applicable tax code pertaining to the line
lines[*].taxNamestringThe applicable tax description pertaining to the line
lines[*].accountstringThe applicable General ledger account where the line is recorded
lines[*].taxRatestringThe percentage of tax applicable to the line item
lines[*].totalAmountnumberThe total amount of the line including taxes
lines[*].discountAmountnumberNumerical value of any discounts applied for the line
lines[*].discountRatestringThe total discount rate applied for the line
lines[*].idstringThe unique identifier of the line in the invoice
lines[*].isTaxablebooleanIndicator whether the line is taxable or not
  • billingAddress
billingAddress.citystringCity of customer's billing address
billingAddress.countrystringCountry of customer's billing address
billingAddress.idstringIdentifier of customer's billing address in accounting system
billingAddress.line1stringAddress line1 of customer's billing address
billingAddress.line2stringAddress line2 of customer's billing address
billingAddress.phonestringPhone number of customer's billing address
billingAddress.postalCodestringPostal code of customer's billing address
billingAddress.provincestringProvince of customer's billing address
billingAddress.contact.firstNamestringFirst name of contact at customer's billing address
billingAddress.contact.middleNamestringMiddle name of contact at customer's billing address
billingAddress.contact.lastNamestringLast name of contact at customer's billing address
billingAddress.contact.salutationstringSalutation / Title of contact at customer's billing address
billingAddress.contact.emailstringEmail of contact at customer's billing address
  • paymentTerms
paymentTerms.idstringIdentifier of the payment terms.
paymentTerms.namestringName of the payment terms.
  • customer
customer.namestringName of the customer
customer.contact.address.citystringThe customer contact person’s city
customer.contact.adpdress.countrystringThe customer contact person’s country
customer.contact.address.line1stringThe customer contact person’s Address Line 1
customer.contact.address.line2stringThe customer contact person’s Address Line 2
customer.contact.address.postalCodestringThe customer contact person’s Postal Code
customer.contact.address.provincestringThe customer contact person’s Province
customer.contact.emailstringThe customer contact person’s email
customer.contact.firstNamestringThe customer contact person’s First name
customer.contact.lastNamestringThe customer contact person’s Last name
customer.contact.middleNamestringThe customer contact person’s Middle name
customer.contact.mobilestringThe customer contact person’s mobile
customer.contact.phonestringThe customer contact person’s phone number
  • department
department.idstringIdentifier of the department
department.namestringName of the department
  • location
location.idstringIdentifier of the location
location.namestringName of the location
  • payment
payment[*].idstringIdentifier of the payment
payment[*].lines[*].amountnumberAmount paid(in the currency of the invoice) for this particular invoice
payment[*].lines[*].idstringUnique payment line identifier
payment[*].currencystringCurrency of the payment amount
payment[*].paymentDatedateThe date of the payment made
payment[*].exchangeRatenumberThe exchange rate used by the accounting for the payment amount to convert into local currency