Infinity Models

Every element consists of objects which contain different resources. Any object can contain resources such as GET, GET/ {id}, POST, PATCH etc. In the example shown below, accounts is the object and it contains five resources.
Each of these resources have models that contain its metadata. Although the metadata in a model is mostly similar to that of the models of other resources, making a change to even a single field of the metadata could be a task because the user would need to make that change for all the models of all the resources available for an object. 

Infinity Models provide an easy way to build or edit models without having to manually work on JSONs or make the same changes at multiple places. It works at object level and can be found at the resources page.

This feature is made of a table consisting all the fields in a model of an object and its details.

It also has buttons and widgets that help you navigate through building or editing a model.

Using Infinity Models, you can manipulate each of the properties of a model using the above table and widgets, allowing you to customize the models of each resource available for the different objects in an element.