Release Notes - Version 2.202

Release notes -- 2.202 (since 2.201)


EL-358 Eloqua : Model defect Fixes

  • Removed additional property 'sourceTemplateId' in /accounts Api
  • Added missing property 'IsReadOnly' for /campaigns/{id}-PUT
  • Dropbox: Changed date format for /files/links

EL-144 | Hubspot Marketing Fixed issues with custom fields over GET calls

  • Now users can see custom fields when making Search calls (GET).

HubSpot Marketing : Fixed model defects

  • Removed 'hidden' and 'readonlyvalue' fields in request model for PATH-/contacts/properties/{propertyId}
  • Added missing fields hs_email_recipient_fatigue_recovery_time amp; hs_legal_basis in 'response model' for POST-/contacts and PATCH-/contacts
  • Removed 'hsemailoptout4649217' and 'hsemailoptout4649339' fields in 'response model' for POST-/contacts and PATCH-/contacts
  • Added missing properties in 'request-model' for POST-/Contactsand PATCH-/Contacts

EL-245 AmazonMarketPlace : Fixed swagger errors

  • Rectified Model defect errors for the following Api'sPOST - /hubs/ecommerce/orders/{id}/acknowledgePOST _ /hubs/ecommerce/products/{sku}/imagesPOST - /hubs/ecommerce/products/{sku}/overrides

EL-718 Intacct Added /bills-advanced-GET resource to support DTD 3.0

  • Added /bills-advanced-GET resource to support BILLS object DTD 3.0.

EL-825 : Add support for bullhorn candidate search IN query

  • Adding support for IN query for candidates search API in Bullhorn element

EL-723 : Intacct - Changed description for ID param

  • Change description for Vendor Id of GET /vendor-advanced/{id} API in Intacct

EL-828 QBD: Retrieve list of 'deleted' objects

  • Enhanced QBD which retrieves 'deleted objects' for GET-/invoiceApi when Where Query : ActiveStatus='deleted'

EL-946 Added support to search companies by domain

  • We've updated Hubspot CRM and Marketing to support searching companies by domian, i.e. /companies?where=domain=''