Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.205

Release notes -- v2.208.205 (since v2.208.195)


EL-1422 Added configuration to default optionally use Version 2 XML parser

  • A new platform configuration xml.parser is available to use Cloud Elements Version 2 XML parser. The Version 1 parser can sometimes run into issues when parent elements/nodes contain both inner text and child elements. Version 2 is much more reliant in handling this. Set this configuration's value to v2 to opt-in. To maintain backwards compatibility all elements will default to using Version 1

EL-1720:Swagger Validation fixes for twilio

  • Fixed swagger validation issue raised

EL-1074 removes contactId and accountId from bulk headers 

  • Removes contactId and accountId in bulk response for BasicCustomObject as vendor is not responding with these.