Production Changelog - June 2021

Account Management/Roles

You can now retrieve your own profile information using the GET /users/{emailOrId} API, regardless of your account privileges.


You can now view the status of all jobs in the bulk UI.



You can no longer access the vendor-deprecated GET /accounts endpoint.

Sage Intacct

You can now call GET /ledger-details  with an extended 5 minute timeout.

Sage IntacctV3

You can now call the POST and PATCH /AR-Adjustments legacy endpoints.

SAP Cloud for Customer (CRM & Helpdesk)

You can now use the latest version of the Cloud for Customer OData API (c4codataapi) using the element. The preceding version of the API (c4codata) is deprecated and unavailable; see SAP's blog and knowledgebase for additional information.


You can now authenticate using either OAuth2 or basic authentication.