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Account Lockout Management

04/03/2020Andy Sherwin
This article covers our account lockout policies and procedure. For more information about this and other security settings, see our additional documentation . Managing Account Lockouts Note: the account lockout policies and procedure detailed he...

Introducing Bulk v3

03/10/2020Andy Sherwin

New and Improved Landing Page

02/18/2020Andy Sherwin
To give users the most efficient, most intuitive access to their most frequently used resources, we're rolling out our newly revamped landing page across staging and production environments. Featuring dynamically updated navigation sections that...

Introducing Virtual Data Resources v2 Engine

02/11/2020Andy Sherwin

Payment Fields UI Access Changes

11/19/2019Andy Sherwin
Please note that element resources that contain payment-specific fields like credit card details (e.g. /payments or /credit-cards) will no longer be available for "Try It Out" testing in the UI due to security and compliance concerns. Thes...

Upcoming Changes to our Javascript Engine

08/22/2019Claude Elements
We will soon be updating the Javascript engine in the Cloud Elements Production environments from Node version 6 to version 8. This update will coincide with upcoming usage limits and will have some minor changes to the way that libraries are access...

Quickbooks Online OAuth1 Migration Script

07/15/2019Claude Elements
At the end of 2019, Quickbooks Online is deprecating their OAuth1 service in favor of using OAuth2. After D ecember 17th, 2019, Quickbooks will be revoking all OAuth1 tokens and no new tokens will be granted. To avoid connection failures, you wil...

Formula Execution Changes

06/27/2019Andy Sherwin
As of September 12, 2019, Formula Execution Step Values for successful formula executions are no longer saved unless the formula instance is in DEBUG mode. Debug mode is set on the Formula level. The Debug mode configuration will have two opti...

Upcoming Usage Limits

06/05/2019Andy Sherwin