Formula Execution Changes

As of September 12, 2019, Formula Execution Step Values for successful formula executions are no longer saved unless the formula instance is in DEBUG mode. Debug mode is set on the Formula level. The Debug mode configuration will have two options:

  1. debugIf this is set, the instance is in full debug mode and all step execution values will be saved regardless of the outcome of the formula
  2. standard: If this is set, the instance only saves step execution values for executions that end in error.

The configuration for existing formulas will remain until a later date. Any new formulas created will default to non-debug mode, where Formula Step Execution Values for successful formula executions are not saved.

To turn on formula debug mode via the API, use the PUT /formulas /{id} with all the formula JSON and set debugLoggingEnabled to true. By using all the formula JSON, you can avoid the deletion of the formula. Further, you can use the API call PATCH /formula/{id} with just the debugLoggingEnabled parameter set to true.

Note: Debug mode has a Time to Live (TTL) of 8 hours. Therefore, any new formulas created and with the flag set to "true" automatically resets to "false" after 8 hours. However, note that the field is not updated until the next time the formula is executed.