Production Changelog - February 2021



We changed the element configuration update process to no longer delete existing instances after an element's configuration is updated.

Amazon S3

We added x-amz-security-token as an optional parameter for instance configuration and instantiation. See Amazon's documentation for more information about using temporary security credentials.


We added the user-groups resource and these endpoints:

  • contracts/{id}/attachments
  • contracts/{id}/attachments/{attachmentId}/files
  • contracts/{id}/legal-files

Dayforce HCM

  • We added the expand query parameter for the /employees/{id} endpoint.
  • We removed some redundant content from the element's posthook and data rootkey.

Dropbox/Dropbox Business

We updated the elements, aligning with provider-side changes to access token availability.


We made several enhancements, including updates to the sample payload, default request/response payloads, and models on the PUT /metadata call.


We fixed an issue that caused records returned from customers, leads, and companies endpoints to not be correctly sorted.

Microsoft Office 365

We fixed an issue that caused POST /contacts to generate an updated event instead of a created event.

Netsuite ERP

We added x-searchables.

Netsuite Finance

We added x-searchables.


We updated the Instance Creation page, adding example cURLs for the selected authentication type.

Quickbooks Enterprise

  • We added x-searchables to the item-discounts and ledger-accounts objects.
  • We enhanced the QuickBooks Enterprise element, adding these endpoints:
    • PATCH /ledger-accounts
    • POST /ledger-accounts
    • DELETE /ledger-accounts
    • PATCH /item-discounts
    • POST /item-discounts

Sage Intacct

  • We added x-searchables.
  • We added the /dimensions endpoint. See the provider documentation for more information.

SAP Ariba

We added the POST /contract-workspaces and PATCH /contract-workspaces endpoints.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

We added these resources:

  • /inventory-transfers
  • /inventory-general-entries
  • /inventory-general-exits
  • /physical-inventory-documents
  • /physical-inventory-documents-items


We fixed an issue that caused instances to not authenticate properly after optional fields are added.


We fixed an issue that caused pagination issues when calling GET /customers.


  • We added webhook support for the /contacts and /invoices objects.
  • We adjusted the authentication process so no tenant ID or tenant name are required, so long as the associated Xero account has only one organization.
  • We fixed an issue that kept pagination working properly for the /journals endpoint.

Zoho CRM

We fixed an issue that caused some bulk upsert jobs to abort.

New Elements

We released the Amazon SQS element to the general catalog.

New Features

  • Formula Step Descriptions and Readme

    We introduced the ability to add descriptions of the individual steps of formulas, automatically generate a readme from the individual step descriptions, or add a custom readme to a formula; the steps and readme are included in the JSON after exporting a formula.


  • We added a feature that lists artifacts with dependencies when you export environment content, providing a comprehensive view of dependent artifacts missing from the output.
  • We added query-supporting APIs to help with artifact migration by retrieving all usages and dependencies of a particular artifact:
    • /elements/usages
    • /vdrs/usages
    • /formulas/usages
  • We made several improvements to the Manage Environments user experience.
  • We fixed an issue with the Activity tab that kept the current day from appearing in activity logs.


  • We updated the VDR Automapper so it maintains fields names in a template after new transformations are added.
  • We updated VDR models to include the id field in the array.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented shared VDRs from being unshared after an initial share.
  • We fixed an issue that lost transformation changes added by subaccount org admin users when a VDR is unshared.
  • We fixed an issue with VDR v2's POST /instances/{id}/transformations/{objectName} call that prevented the script field from being included in the response.

VDR Templates

We added a number of new VDR templates to the Automapper; see our Automapper docs and list of templates for details on available templates.