Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.162

Release notes -- v2.208.162 (since v2.208.119)


RVCL-757 Added parameters to APIs used by the Activity pages for skeletor

  • Allows parameters that the APIs could support to use for skeletor

EL-1151 syncplicity-V2-Added functionality to provide CRUDS on files and folders related resources

  • Traversing a directory tree using object IDs is a drag. We spent some time adding new endpoints for all file and folder operations to allow path instead of ID only in our Syncplicity element and are giving it to you as an early birthday present in this release

EL-1420 New global element parameter

  • Filter your list responses for GETs by using the fields parameter
  • Note where this parameter may have behave differently across elements where the parameter is supported by the vendor. To override the vendor functionality you can set the configuration to true

EL-1505: Fixed response code for Expensify element

  • Fixed response codes for Expensify element

EL-1126: Cleo Gap Enhancement for Weebly: Added new end points and missing models

  • Enhanced Weebly resources to allow the following: a. Replace product's details via PUT.b. Retrieve Billings for a given order.c. Get details related to a particular bill in the order.c. Get the total count of Transactions in a bill.d. Get all the transactions in a bill.e. Get the details of a transaction within an order.

EL-1715:Swagger Validation Failure of Lithium Response

  • Fixed Swagger Validation Failure of Lithium Response

EL-1461:NetSuite ERPV2 Element - dateDriven Field to be hidden

  • NetSuiteERP element end-point /credit-terms has dateDriven field in the model but it is not sent by the vendor. Hence removing the field from model

EL-1727: Fixed Swagger validation for Terminus

  • Corrected description for GET /campaigns in the Terminus to indicate the mandatory fields.

EL-1146 Hubspot - /forms endpoint added

  • Added new endpoint for /forms and /form/data resources

El-1675: Evernote - Search against root directory

  • Added functionality to search against root directory
  • Updated Evernote exception to throw error when provider API limit is reached

EL-1768 Zohocrmv2 Issue with model for accounts endpoint

  • bullet separated list of highlights that customers will see in our release notes
  • also, when applicable, include any examples (videos, GIFs, images, etc.) that demonstrate these changes that our customers may want to see

IBM-112 Pardot - Advanced Models for Visitors and Visits

  • Updated advanced models for response models for Visitors and visits resources

EL-1855 Intacct - Payment endpoint arpaymentitems issue fix

  • Fixed the inconsistent response for payments endpoint.

EL-1882 Syncplicity - default API credentials

  • Syncplicity now has default OAuth applicaiton credentials. These credentials are only valid with US-based accounts. To provision with an EU-based account please provide an EU OAuth API key amp; secret

EL-1899 - Intacct responce fix for voucher and contacts

  • Standardised the response model for vouchers and contacts endpoint in Intacct element

EL-22 : Element Configuration : Update type for oauth.api.secret

  • Updated type of oauth.api.secret to be PASSWORD type so that it is not visible on the screen.