Release Notes - Version 2.204

Release notes  (since 2.203)


EL-365: HubspotMarketing updated polling events

  • Hubspot Marketing: Updated configuration for polling events

EL-774: SugarCRMv2 Removed fields returning empty string

  • Removed all fields from response that were returning empty string or empty array

EL-550 Zendesk - Updating pagination type from offSet to page

  • Fix - Zendesk Updating pagination type from offSet to page

EL-838 InfusionSoft ERP: removed duplicate 'id' value

  • Deleted PATCH amp; POST Javascript Post Hook of the following Api's/accounts,/contacts,/leads and /notes
  • Updated POST and PATCH response models of the above mentioned Api's accordingly.

EL-286 | Box : Removed extra fields from model

  • Updated models by removing fields for below APIs:
    • GET /users
    • GET /users/{id}
    • PATCH /users/{id}
    • POST /folders
    • GET /folders/metadata
    • GET /folders/{id}/metadata

EL-583 Zoho CRM: Model defect Fixes

  • Fixed model defects for the following Api'sGET - /cases amp; GET - /cases/{id}

EL-859 | MySql: Fixed issues with data encoding

  • Fixing the issues related to MySql encoding while working with data belongs to different languages like Hindi, Chinese, Arabic... etc.
  • And also helps to choose an encoding mechanism while creating an instance.

EL-416 - Syncplicity element

  • Integrate to Syncplicity by Axway with our new Documents Hub element - Syncplicity (key: syncplicity)

EL-1039 | Supporting both events and calendarsEventts for GoogleCalendar for bulk upload

  • Google Calendar bulk upload supports both events and calendarsEvents as objectName while uploading or updating the calendar events through bulk APIs.