Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.328

Release notes -- v2.208.328 (since v2.208.307)


EL-1145 Adds QueryParam to prune linked transaction of GET/payments of QBE

  • Adds QueryParameter to prune linked transactions(not to include AppliedToTxns in response) which is taking lot of time.
  • Now we need to pass includeLinkedTxns =true when AppliedToTxns is needed response.

EL-1292:SFDC Bulk Query will fetch all fields of nested custom Objects Optionally

  • When executing bulk query API for Salesforce, based upon a flag expandChildObjects, the response will contain all the fields of the nested objects present in the current custom object.
  • When making bulk API query call, we need to pass {"expandChildObjects":"true"} in the metadata body in order to get the expanded view of the custom objects. This is an optional field.

EL-2085 Implement Eloqua Custom Object Cach Refresh and Delete and Update Apis

  • Refresh of Custom Object Map after a new Custom Object is Created
  • Implementation of Delete and Put on Custom Object Instance Data

El-2164 Sage 200:PATCH /warehouses/{id} is creating new record.

  • Sage 200:PATCH /warehouses/{id} is creating new record.

EL-2141 Implement CEQL Queries for /expenses endpoint

  • Concur Implement CEQL Queries for /expenses endpoint

EL-2249: Fix for SFDC Bulk Query changes

  • Reverted the bulkquery API controller method to accept multi-part in consumption