Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.218

Release notes -- v2.208.218 (since v2.208.205)


EL-861 | Fixed issue with AutoTask mismatched emailAddress prop

  • Now the /contacts API will return emailAddress and eMailAddress. Both holds the same value
  • Since, the existing emailAddress is not alligned with AutoTask metadata.

EL-1634 Ability to get Element Swagger docs by objectName or by operationId

  • Added new APIs to retrieve swagger docs by objectNameGET /elements/{id}/objects/{objectName}/docs
  • Added new APIs to retrieve swagger docs by operationIdGET /elements/{id}/operationsGET /elements/{id}/operations/{operationId}/docs

EL-1673 - Tangocard - Normalize response to return list for /catalogs API

  • Tangocard - Fix /catalogs API not returning list in response by adding Response Root Key
  • Added pagination ability to /catalogs API

EL-1432:Hide page parameter for APIs from Swagger Generation

  • Hide the Page parameter from APIs from the swagger UI API-docs page

EL-1705 Fixes Bill Charge Endpoint in Etsy

  • Resolved Bug for Bill Charge Endpoint in Etsy element.

EL-1293 Created new resource in Evernote element to delete notebooks

  • New Resource for EverNote, /delete on top of ever note notebooks. This will perform and expunge i.e, permanent delete on top of the notebook.

EL-1992 | Enhanced bulk download by considering select fields

  • Now user can use bulk query select fields to pass in the required field names to retrieve over a bulk job.
  • Helps the Hubspot users with many properties for an object by limiting the number of fields to retrieve through select fields in the bulk query. Since HubSpot doesn't encourage to pass in all the fields at a time.

EL-2041 Adobe - Modified the vendor path

  • Added support for pagination to Agreements, Users, Groups and Widgets resources