Production Changelog - November 2021


  • Platform events have been upgraded to eliminate the dependency on our underlying platform and execute independently to render better accuracy.
  • Resolved a visual issue where the resource data was not seen on the Overview page.
  • The metadata of multiple elements was updated to reflect the latest metadata upon using /elements/keyOrId/objects API call.
  • The following Identity API calls have been added on the platform: /users and /oauth.
  • The platform now supports vendor requests taking more than 90 seconds to execute.
  • An inconsistent behaviour related to polling jobs on Production environment has been resolved.



Added validation to the Base URL field to only accept data in a URL format.

Concur 2.0

Introduced a new element Concur 2.0 which uses the SAP Concur v4 APIs on all the resources. This involves a completely new authentication flow and change in request and response models respectively.


The /events API endpoint is now deprecated for this element.


Polling is now configurable on Etsy element.


An issue preventing the deletion of files using DELETE /files/{id} has been resolved.

Office 365

Fixed a behavior where error details were inconsistent in some cases.

Sage Intact

Introduced cursor-based pagination functionality for custom resources.

An issue causing the customfields models to return a 500 error has been resolved.

All Netsuite elements

Updated the swagger description on PUT/{objectName}/{id}/files resource to convey the appropriate functionality.

ADP Lifion

Introduced a new element ADP Lifion into the catalog. This would allow the end users to connect and leverage ADP Lifion API services.

SAP Business One

Added capabilities to pass additional connection settings to the Windows Service when using SAP Business One element through a connector.

The /query resource was updated to return an empty array in case of null responses.


Updated the element to handle errors upon using an unsupported operation in the filter query.


Removed duplicate resources and updated the object metadata response.


Datetime format mask is now .NET compliant.

Made changes to the where clause descriptions, notifying all the supported actions.


The salesforce GET /objects call is now compliant to return the objects list for a user having read-only permissions in Salesforce.

An issue causing the token refresh failure to return a 500 error has been resolved.

The logic for required fields was enhanced to make the Boolean type fields as non mandatory.


VDR export file now also contains the updated_date field.

Resolved the issue where metadata was not loading upon creation of a new VDR.

Resolved an issue with Office 365 VDRs where the data of attachments from /messages/id/attachments was not allowing large attachment set.

The child objects can now be mapped in a VDR for Zoho CRM.


Resolved a bug on EU production environment leading to failure of formula steps.