Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.2286

Release notes -- v2.208.2286 (since vhotfix-ENG-6619)


fix: Adding indexes to the table cecoreuser_company to improve the retrieval performance. (#ENG-5682)

fix: adds index to formulastepproperty formulastepid improving the query performance (#ENG-6325)

feat: disable l1 cache on us prod (#ENG-6403)

feat: Add uipath workday elements

  • Uipath workday element for periodic table.

fix: Correct oauth scope for uipath-google-drive - (ENG-4437)

Eng-4939(periodic) generate standard resources box rest

fix: uipath-salesforce-sfdc renamed parameterizedSearch to expose as two methods: (ENG-6583)

fix: free tickle from calling the interceptor

fix: decreases the query timeout to 5 min instead of 30 (#ENG-6613)

Snap0 performance eng 6628

Feat[ENG-6190] - MS Business Central Cloud : Added support for updating attachments.

  • Added support for updating attachments.

fix: uipath-servicenow-servicenow periodic bugs - (ENG-6735)

fix: Correct the customOnly flag behaviour - (ENG-6774)

fix: update domain config to prescreen (ENG-6829)

fix: add null check for js hooks - (ENG-6837)

fix: correct the created date format - (ENG-6837-2)

fix: correct the sfdc flag - (ENG-6774-fix)

fix: use oauth2 by default for uipath servicenow :(uipath-servicenow-to-use-oauth2)

fix: adds caching to get element instance from cache if available during polling

revert: Roles optimisation and element handler mapping changes, adds flag per env for sets, true only for schedulers

fix: adds ability to use event helper key instead of the instance element key (#ENG-6935)

Eng-4939 box remove special chars from object name

fix(Eng-4939): Removes models from box EB resources and filters events for box

fix(periodic): get primary keys from model (ENG-4939-fix)

Eng-7097_ENG-7095(periodic-box) map object names from swagger tags

feat(periodic): update name and description for uipath box element