Production Changelog - August 2021


ADP Vantage

You can access the newly added ADP Vantage element with employees get and getById resource. You can also access bulk downloads for employees endpoint.


You can now create an element instance more quickly. You will no longer find redundant calls that populate missing configurations in the Initialization phase.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Cloud Central

You can now receive more consistent error messaging for POST/ and PATCH calls to new-hires and pending-hires.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM REST

  • You can now use additional API calls, resources, and metadata; see the element's API docs for the complete list.

  • You can now access polling for objects without modified and createdon dateFields.

QuickBooks Enterprise

You can now reset your existing QBD SDK session by calling POST /reset-session. and start a new session to proactively manage transactions

Sage 200 Accounting

You can now authenticate an element instance using Sage's updated authentication credentials; see Sage's docs for details.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

You can now utilize correct datatypes for all fields when calling GET /metadata.


  • You can access the traditional thread pool executor for async producer queue
  • You can now avoid longer duration on query execution with added connection properties for fast failover of AWS RDS
  • You can observe reduced number of queries in the database as the cache object dictionary is now at element instance level
  • You can now store the data for 48-hours only
  • You can invoke multiple database calls to hydrate to roles by user id based roles, count this is an insufficient implementation. You can access optimized RoleDaoImpl implementation without redundant calls