Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1106

Release notes -- v2.208.1106 (since v2.208.1093)


EL-5216 EA-77 Add an option to set a default true null value if value does't exist in raw response

EL-5218 EA-2 Able to querying and transforming against a masked date field for VDR API

EL-5326 EA-61 Enable element V2 Engine for new organizations

EL-4821 | SnowFlake: Unable insert field of type timestamp NTZ

Added ability to handle ntz time format for snowflake

EL-5320 | Amazon S3: Enhancing to have instance level SSE configuration

  • Enhancing Amazon S3 element, to support SSE (Server Side Encryption) through instance level configuration.
  • Works like Amazon S3 default SSE.
  • If users don't want to use API level headers or the /encryption endpoint this can help them
  • But I would say through API headers we can solve more use cases, like if they use different encryption for different files/objects in S3.For example, When working with /files/metadata, /folders/metadata and /copy to perform the move, rename or copy operations

EL-5385 | Pardot - Escape single quote in where clause for Bulk

  • Fix issue with non-escaped single quote while performing Pardot Bulk Upload

Reduces the notification data rentention from 30 to 14 days