Production Changelog - May 2022


  • Resolved an issue causing multiple platform API requests to return the “Element key not found for the element id” error.


  • Resolved an issue where the formula executions were failing consistently with a 502 error.
  • Resolved a formula_id conflict in the sub formulas.
  • Resolved an issue where formula executions retries were failing.


Netsuite Finance

A new resource "Advanced Inter Company Journals" is now added to the Netsuite Finance element.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Resolved inconsistencies with Bulk job record count where more than 1000 records were being uploaded via the Bulk upload job.

Concur 2.0

Resolved a number of issues related to metadata and models.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Rest

Pluginassembiles resource is now deprecated.

Netsuite Elements

  • The overview page has been updated to reflect the API versions accurately.

  • Resolved an issue with null pointer exception on the “account id” field on the instance creation page.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Resolved an issue with the GET /activities/{objectName}/events API call where it was returning a 400 error code due to params change.

Zuora v2 

Fixed GET /product-rate-plans and  GET /product-rate-plan-charges API calls which were intermittently failing.

Zoho CRM

The element was modified to handle the active token limit from the vendor. Now, if you delete an instance on Zoho, the associated vendor token also gets deleted.


Made changes to the element such that OR and IN operators can now be used in the element to filter responses.

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Graph

  • Made changes to fix the POST and GET /files resources to align them with the Graph API responses.

  • Fixed an issue related to PATCH /files/{id}/metadata API call.