Production Changelog - November 2023

Cloud Elements End Of Life Announcement

Dear Valued Cloud Elements Customer,

This is to inform you that UiPath has made the decision to retire the UiPath Cloud Elements offering permanently. The decision was made after careful consideration of UiPath long term vision and the product profitability. We understand that the Cloud Elements platform has been a useful part of your workflow, and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. To support your transition from the platform, you may request an extension of your current contract with up to an additional 6 months past your current contracted end date. You will be able to use the product as usual until the contract end date (or the end of the extension period, as applicable), at which time access to the service will be terminated, and support will cease. We will no longer release any new features or accept any requests for enhancements. The current support process remains the same, as we continue to support the current functionality of the platform until the contract end date (or the end of the extension period, as applicable). 

Please plan on removing Cloud Elements from your environment prior to your contract renewal date.  

You may have already received this announcement from our account or product team through an 'EOL letter' or direct meetings. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the contact person provided in the email or other communication. We are here to assist and address any inquiries you may have.