Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1609

Release notes -- v2.208.1609 (since vhotfix-SDR-3591)


EL-8158 | Snyk: Upgrade HttpClient and other modules that bring older versions of HttpClient

Upgrading HttpClient Library

CU-1148 | feat(pubsub): adding key to consume from new topic for pubsub

EL-8573: Sage Accounting Upgrade element to v3.1

  • Upgraded the Sage accounting element to v3.1
  • Updated models with x-primarykey, x-searchables
  • existing instances will work with version v3 api's

EL-8741 Enhanced Odata to include primary key for imported resources

  • Enhanced Odata import to include primary key for imported resources

El 7700 invoke jarvis sync from circleci

EL-8733 | fix(organization apis): Updating roles is taking too long for a specific organization

ENG-113 continue to troubleshoot

  • adjustments to circleci job for apac0 (helm3)
  • set the db upgrade job to just spin up a pod, will have to manually execute it for now

EL-8776 Configured new Resources

EL-8831 | feat: allowing users to specify api version for DryFly element when creating instance

  • Users can specify the API version while creating an instance in the following ways
  1. By passing the version instance config
  2. By prefixing the version number to the username followed by a space. For example 1 username
  3. If omitted, the default version will be used. i.e., 1