Production Changelog - December 2020


We introduced our expanded (pun definitely intended) bulk framework and new features; see our newly refreshed Bulk docs.



We updated the element to include a number of additional resources; see the BigCommerce developer documentation for more information on available resources.


We enhanced the element to allow an HTTP file with a JSON body to be uploaded using the POST or PUT /{objectName}/{objectId}/files-raw endpoint. For more information, see Bullhorn's API documentation.

Click Field Service Edge

We added the assignments object; for more information on the object, see the Click Field Service Edge API documentation.


We substantially enhanced the element, adding new features, resources, and more; among other things, we added these endpoints:

  • PUT /envelopes/{id}/recipients/document-visibility
  • POST /templates/{id}/html-preview
  • PUT /envelopes/{id}/recipients/{recipientId}/document-visibility
  • POST /templates/{id}/html-preview
  • POST /envelopes/{id}/recipient-views

See the DocuSign element docs.

InfusionSoft ERP

We fixed an issue with the POST /sales-orders endpoint. 


We made some enhancements to the bulk functionality.


We created a new version of the element, compatible with version 2.0 and later of the API; see Intercom's API Changelog documentation for details about different versions of the API.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

We added the purchase-requisition-lines resource.


We fixed a few quality-of-life issues.

Quickbooks Online

We fixed an issue that incorrectly redirected during the authentication flow.

SAP Ariba

We added several new resources; see the element swagger docs for a complete list.

SAP Business One

We made a number of additions to and enhancements of the element, including updated swagger docs; see the SAP Business One element docs.


We updated the element to use SendGrid's new API key-based authentication. See SendGrid's documentation for more information.


We fixed an issue that caused occasional authentication issues.


  • We added the /v2/orders resource. See Square's documentation for more information.
  • We made several other updates in line with updates to the provider-side API.


We fixed an issue that caused occasional issues with successful pagination.


We made some updates to the authentication process to more closely match the provider-side workflow.


We added the metric_set fields to the /incidents response model and metadata. See Zendesk's documentation for more information.

Zoho CRM

We fixed an issue that caused some older element instances to not reauthenticate properly.

New Elements

Google Ads

We released a new Google Ads element that utilizes the Google Ads API, the single unified service for retrieving objects and performance statistics. The new Google Ads element and the API it utilizes are distinct from the Google AdWords API; while the AdWords API required you to use one set of services to retrieve objects and another service to retrieve performance statistics, the Google Ads API combines those into a single functionality under GoogleAdsService.

New Features

Polling Auto-disabling

We added a feature that automatically disables polling jobs after repeated failure. For more information, including the specific circumstances under which a polling job would be disabled, see our docs.

Virtual Data Resources

  • We introduced a number of new VDR features, including VDR automapping, VDR sharing, and VDR tracelogging. For more information, see the VDR v2 section of our docs.
  • We resolved an issue with pagination of some responses to the GET /vdr API.
  • We made some general quality-of-life changes to the VDR user experience.