Production Changelog - August 2022


Fixed issue where polling jobs were blocked causing delay in event notifications


  • Brighttalk

Fixed the serialization issue in Brighttalk wherever array was being used

  • OneDrive and Sharepoint Graph

Implemented new resources as follows: 

  1. GET /sites/{id}/folders/{folderId}/contents 
  2. POST /sites/{id}/folders 
  3. DELETE /sites/{id}/folders/{folderId} 
  4. PATCH /sites/{id}/folders/{folderId}/metadata
  5. GET /sites/{id}/folders/{folderId}/metadata 
  6. GET /sites/{id}/folders/metadata
  • Sharepoint

Enhanced this element to support german “Umlaut” character in file metadata.


  • Made changes to prevent the round off numbers in a decimal value in VDR v1.