Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1984

Release notes -- v2.208.1984 (since vhotfix-ENG-3652)


ENG-913 : Netsuite Finance & ERP - Added new resources

  • Added new resources (CRUDS) for Netsuite Finance

  • discount-items

  • contacts

  • sales-quotes

  • item-fulfillments

  • cash-sales

  • purchase-requisitions

  • item-receipts

  • Added new resources for Netsuite ERP

  • purchase-requisitions (CRUDS)

  • discount-items (CUD)

ENG-1715:fix(elements-boxv2): Fix ping endpoint for Box v2

  • GET/ping throwing 500 error on Boxv2 element

ENG-3668: fix(elements-xerov2): Fixes Search for Xero v2 Purchase orders and SalesQuotes endpoints

  • Xerov2: where clause is not working for GET /sales-quotes and purchase-orders endpoint

ENG-3760: QuickBooksOnline - handle 10000 error codes

ENG-3499 updated the response of refresh endpoint to be consistent

ENG-2354: Workday - handle html responses from vendor

ENG-3410 return empty array instead of an error for Shopify missing abandoned contacts

ENG-3028 : SAPB1 - New CUD endpoints

  • New CUD endpoints for user-defined-fields object

ENG-3389 - fix(jobs):Adds rbac to jobs apis

  • Missing RBAC on /jobs APIs

Feat[ENG-3174] - Sage Intacct V3: Updated code to increase time-out for GET /ledger-details resource

  • Updated code to increase time-out for GET /ledger-details resource