Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.841

Release notes -- v2.208.841 


EL-2310: Microsoft Office365 New Element

  • Introducing a new Office 365 element which allows the user to manage files, folders, worksheets, notes, mails, calendars, contacts etc.

EL-3224 SFDC: Getting web-hook events still it disabled

  • Fix
    • sfdc - Duplicate events while switching webhooks to polling
    • sfdcservicecloud - event.vendor.type is not populating after we enabling events
    • sfdcdocuments - No web-hook setup
    • sfdclibraries - Not supports events but still has event.objects config

EL-2643: Migration of QuickBooks to Element Builder Format

EL-3260 Dynamics365FO: File path Issue and EL-3276 Migrate element hook persistent storage from bulk directory to element directory EL-3454 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - Objects not operable even if included during element instantiation.

  • FIX Dynamics365FO File path Issue

El 2297: Introducing Files element

  • Introducing Files element with read/write capability for a file. It also supports bulk upload and download.

EL-3439: DropboxBusiness - Events containing duplicate payload

  • Fix - DropboxBusiness, events payload contains duplicate data

EL-3110: Netsuite Enriched Fault Messages

  • Enhancement - Netsuite - Enriched response payloads by including Type, Code, Message
  • Type, Code and Message are going to separated by PIPE in response payload

EL-3154: Intacct : Discrepancy with the primary key defined in the model for sales-order endpoint

  • Updated Model name for POST of Sales-Orders from SalesOrders to SalesOrderPostRes

TS-1016: Updated getting the formula to only use the userId when neces…

  • bullet separated list of highlights that customers will see in our release notes
  • also, when applicable, include any examples (videos, GIFs, images, etc.) that demonstrate these changes that our customers may want to see

Fixing EverNote Note building Mechanism

EL-3592: office365

  • Fixed swagger issues

EL-956: Model change for PATCH/files/metadata

  • modified the model for PATCH/files/metadata. Changed required field 'path' to not required.

EL-3619: Maximizer Add addressbook-entries event poller config

  • Maximizer - Event poller configuration is update by adding addressbook-entries

EL-3494: Added Beta tag to new elements

  • Added Beta tag to new elements: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Oracle HCM Cloud, Intercom, JIRA On Prem, Files Element, and GoToWebinar

EL-3501: Sage Intacct : No nextPage field for GET entities

  • Adding next page to entities endpoint

EL-3502: Sage Intact : Where clause description should be changed

  • Modified where clause description for /departments resource.

EL-3620: added /reversal and /void for bill payments


EL-3689: DocuSign - Returns 200 Unknown Response Body

  • Fix - DocuSign - GET/envelopes/{id}/documents/{documentId} Returns 200 Unknown Response Body

EL-3224: SFDC Breaks Formulas

  • Fix - SFDC - Formulas issues by updating config value of event.objects

EL-3734: Magento V2.0 Api calls are not working for Instance create using Custom Authentication Type

  • Fix - Magento V2.0 - Custom Instances are not working as expected