Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.663

Release notes -- v2.208.663 (since v2.208.645-2)


TS-1087 Download full 10000 records

  • Downloading the usage logs will now download full 10000 records instead of previous 2000

EL-2813 | Quickbooks Online Disable OAuth1 Provisioning in our UI so that it will default to Oauth2 Provisioning

  • Added ability to switich between oauth1 and oauth2 for quickbooks online

EL-2904:Unhide Dynamics Navision Element

  • Unhide Dynamics Navision element from the system catalog

EL-1993 QBO - Failed to get swagger docs for all objects

  • Fix - QBO - GET /objects/{objectName}/docs not works for all GET /objects

EL-3088 Sage Accounting - Fixed UK user unable to POST /other-payments

  • Fixed an issue in Sage Accounting where a UK user was unable to POST /other-payments

TS-1270 - DELETE /{vdr_objectName}/{id} is not working for Element Builder Resources

  • Fix - Sage Accounting - Cannot DELETE /{VDR_ObjectName}/{id}