Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.259

Release notes -- v2.208.259 (since v2.208.242)


EL-1692 Salesforce - Add includeDeleted functionality to the /query a…

  • Currently, the /query and /raw-query endpoints hit the SFDC /query endpoint( that automatically filters out all the records that have been deleted. In order to also retrieve the soft-deleted records, it should point to the SFDC /queryAll endpoint( where the includeDeleted parameter can be used.

EL-1762 Adds new Resource Forms which supports CRUDS on Eloqua

  • POST a FormGet Form by IdGet All FormsDelete A From By IdPartial update on Form by IdUpdate on Form by Id

EL-1967: Checks for root folder by ID instead of folder name

  • Fixes file metadata path for all languages in Box

RVCL-786 Added videoId to the branding UI

  • Adds ability to set custom videos to the welcome screen in UI, set in branding page

El 1695 contact segment search eloqua

  • CEQL supports search contacts in ContactSegments using EXISTS operator.

EL-1981 Changes request and response to have correct schema for Syncplicity POST filelins

  • updates the request and response models to have max payload and correct schema

EL-1244 Servicenow - Request endpoint added

  • Added new resource "requests" in Servicenow Element.
  • Added new resource "requests" in Servicenow Oauth Element.

EL-1963 Adds condition to handle update revision of the file which does not exists

  • Handles the File Not Found exception on POSTing a revision to the file which does not exist with given path.

EL-2012 Tipalti - Need getDeleted Records For Vendors

  • Added ability to getDeletedRecords for all Netsuite API's by adding=gt; deleted = true Query Parameter
  • Supports fiter by Date Range=gt; deleted=true and (deletedDate gt;= '2019-03-15T18:13:23-05:00' and deletedDate lt;= '2019-03-15T18:13:32-05:00' )

EL-1313 Deactivate Onedrive element

  • Deactivate old Onedrive element

RVCL-962 Fixed removed unmapped fields with arrays

  • No longer fails when removed unmapped is on and there are arrays being transformed