API Reference

Authentication, base URL, pagination, and errors.


User Profile
Your profile includes the basic information about yourself, like your name and email. It also includes critical information that you need to authenticate, including your password and user secret.
Authorization Headers, Organization Secret, and User Secret
Authenticate your account by including your User Secret and either your Organization Secret, Instance Token, or both in the Authorization header of API requests.  Always refer to the Authorization parameters of the API docs for each request, ...
Base URL
The base URL differs depending on your region and environment:
Error Codes
error messages take a few forms depending on whether the error occurs with platform API requests or API provider responses to API requests. Platform Errors Platform errors include: HTTP response code — The response codes follow the ge...
Standardized Pagination
In general there are three types of pagination that every API uses. 1. page and pageSize 2. limit and offset 3. cursor We try to create a standard means of paginating in each , and in general page and pageSize is our preferred method because...