Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1455

Release notes -- v2.208.1455 (since vhotfix-SDR-3259)


EL-7118:Ping API Standardization for Instance Validation

  • Standarize /ping API for all elements

EL-4703: DbDeploy Webservice

  • The Aim here is to generate sql script file for the following:
  1. Newly created elements
  2. Cloned elements
  3. Extended elements
  • Steps to generate sql script file are:
  1. Users will be provided two webservice urls. Those are:a) For new elements - http://localhost:8080/elements/api-v2/create?elementKey=qwertyscriptNumber=123456override=truerevert=trueb) For cloned/extended elements - http://localhost:8080/elements/api-v2/update?elementKey=qwertyscriptNumber=654321override=truerevert=true
  2. Users need to update dbdeploy.location in file proving the location where all sql script files resides currently (For example dbdeploy.location = /Users/username/soba/framework/src/main/resources/db/postgres/)
  3. Hitting the url will generate two files. One normal and another, its revert file.
  4. Following are the query params used in the url: a) Required parameters : elementKey and scriptNumberb) Optional parameters : override amp; revert
  5. Users of only localhost and snapshot will be able to generate script files.

Upgrading Netsuite Token

El 7288 soba pr testing env setup

EL-7761 | Get /elements is not returning extended flag

  • Get All /elements to return extended flag when queried for.

EL-7675 EL-7731 :GreatPlains new resource POST purchase-invoices amp; purchase-receipts

  • New resource added POST /purchase-receipts and /purchase-receipts
  • Included to handle query param IN for GET /purchase-orders API to restrict records. As vendor is not supporting pagination, if there are a lot of records, GP vendor API fails, hence we can restrict our records with query params