Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1303

Release notes -- v2.208.1303 (since v2.208.1289)


SLYT-1762 Enables zip and gzip compression for streams

  • Enables zip/gzip compression of streams when requests contain Accept-Encoding header with values as "zip" OR "gzip" for files, bulk, and documents hub. **Compression for jsonl format for bulk is not supported for now.

TS-1429 Merge hotfix to feature branch - Element Sharing

EL-6536:Google Analytics Make Account Name optional in instance provisioning

  • Use Account Name boolean field is added as element configuration
  • By default it is set to true, if true, valid account name is required
  • If Use Account Name is set to false, instance can be provisioned without providing account name

EL-6653 : IntacctV3 Element Addition of folders and files legacy resources

  • Addition of folders-legacy and foldes-legacy/{folderName}/files resources