Production Changelog - October 2021


ADP Vantage

You can now call POST /employees endpoint successfully. You can also send event objects in the payload while posting a request.


You can no longer experience any intermittent issues with Formula steps which got stuck in Retry and did not proceed to the pending/failed state.


  • You can now access newly added:
    • User CRUS resources 
    • Reports /hubs/expense/reports 
    • Nested endpoints 
  • You can now access the budgetCategory and budgetFiscalYear endpoints. While creating an instance, you can authenticate using usertoken and company token.  


 You can now insert numerical values in the objectName field. 

Google Drive

You can now access optimized logs in Google Drive.


You can now see an updated configuration on pagination.max. This supports a minimum pageSize limit of 50.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • You can access the OR operator with a where clause for purchase order calls. 
  • You can use the new POST /services endpoint.

Netsuite ERP

  • You can now access the /ping endpoints and successfully create instances.

  • The next page token is now updated as DONE to view results for GetAll record types in order to get all the records irrespective of the page limit.

SAP Ariba

You can now access the Supplier Data API with Pagination.


You can now access POST /services to create a service in the platform.


The instance swagger validation error is now fixed.


You can now access CEQL as the OR operator is supported through VDR for zohocrmv2.


You can no longer access the POST /elements/{keyOrId}/clone API as you do not have access to cloning.