VDRs - Mapping an Array of Strings

When mapping a VDR that has an array of objects on the vendor side, you may receive a strange error, or perhaps not receive the data you expect. 

One of the most common causes of this issue is when a user accidentally maps an array of strings to a single string. In other words, on the left-hand side of my mapping you have a field like:


and let's say it's type string but on the right hand side, it is mapped to:


In this scenario, OriginalField may in fact be a String. However, there could be any number of objects in that array with OriginalField on them. Therefore, I am essentially trying to map an array of all the OriginalField strings to a singular String: My_Field.

This configuration in your VDR can cause either missing data or unexpected errors. To correct this issue, you can map an array to an array. For example:

New_Array[*].My_Field should map to array[*].object.OriginalField