Production Release Notes - Version vhotfix-EL-5310

Release notes -- vhotfix-EL-5310 (since vhotfix-EL-5156-2)


EL-4291 | DropboxBusiness Webhooks issues

  • Helps to process member_info_change events from Dropbox.
  • Also fixes recent issues with DB duplicate events by a debounce approach. Means, when a new member gets added to the account, DB won't guarantee the cursor state and suggested to hold for few seconds to retrieve the latest cursor for such a member.

EL-3505 | Enhance Element Metadata Poperties

  • Added ability to expose additional properties through element metadata
  • Added following columns to element_metadata
    • vendorsupporturl
    • vendorlatestversion
    • oauthtokenvalidity
    • event_types
    • polling_resources
    • webhooks_resources
    • vendorsupportwebhooks
    • cesupportnativebulk_download
    • cesupportnativebulk_upload
    • vendorsupportnativebulk_upload
    • vendorsupportnativebulk_download
    • objectdiscoverysupport
    • supportcustomfields_discovery
    • vendorsupportcustomfieldsdiscovery
    • apiratelimit

EL-4415 - UnHide Snowflake element

DADA-137 upgrade to dataops-model 0.4.0

EL-4874 | Migration of Microsoft Dynamics GP( 'greatplains' ) to EB element

  • Migrating GreatPlains to EB format

EL-4768 | Migration of Shopify to EB element

  • Migrate Shopify to EB format

EL-4580 | EB-555 | Element Builder - Added ability to decide needs to decode the Encode Characters or not

  • Fix - Element Builder - Importing Swagger With Encoded Characters Are Decoded

EL-4882 | Migration of Sage Accounting('sageone') to EB element

  • Migrating Sageone to EB format

EL-4767 | Migration of Netsuitefinancev2 to Element Builder Format

  • Migrate netsuite finance

EL-4934 | Salesforce - Added the Possibility to GET and PATCH Entities by External ID

  • Added the possibility to perform /GET and /PATCH operations on entities by providing external id.
  • Added the GET /{objectName}/fields/{name}/{externalID} Endpoint.
  • Added the PATCH /{objectName}/fields/{name}/{externalID} Endpoint.

EL-4370 | Syncplicity - GET/folders/{id}/participants Not able to get participants for sub-folders

  • Fix - Syncplicity - /folders/{id}/participants not works for sub-folders

EL-2867 | Migration of Hubspot to EB element

  • Migrate Hubspot to EB format

EL-4876 Migration of QuickBooks Online to EB element

EL-5037 | Fix unnecessary 500's from SOBA.

EL-4232 | Brighttalk - few properties are missing in response

  • Fix - Brighttalk - user.stateAbbreviation, user.countryISOCode, user.hubspotCountryValue fields not missing in the vendor response.

EL-5058 | Enhances AWS S3 element to support default or on demand Server Side Encryption

  • Amazon S3 element enhancements.
  • Supports Server Side Encryption (SSE) for SSE-S3, SSE-KMS and SSE-C
  • Introducing a new endpoint /encryption with PUT, GET and DELETE.
  1. PUT /encryption: Upserts the default encryption strategy and can be updated between AES256 and aws:kms
  2. GET /encryption: Retrieves the current default encryption strategy configured.
  3. DELETE /encryption: Removes the default encryption strategy.
  • On the other hand, users who don't want to configure default encryption strategy or want to use AWS offered SSE-C can use the request header newly configured for /files and /folders endpoint to encrypt their data at rest.

  • To understand how the headers work


EL-4804: Added createdDateUTC and updatedDateUTC to SAP B1

  • Added createdDateUTC and updatedDateUTC to SAP B1 [BETA]

EL-5117 | fixing unit tests

DA-176 fix avro bug in metricfactory

EL-5122 Snowflake | Bulk upload is uploading Header files to the Snowflake table

  • Resolved header names appending to data in snowflake