Production Release Notes - Version vhotfix-SRE-673

Release notes -- vhotfix-SRE-673 (since v2.208.1537)


El-7865: [Slack] deprecation of channels, im, groups, and mpim apis

  • Updated vendor paths as old apis are deprecating by slack

EL-8128 Syncplicity Added changes resource

  • Added GetAll changes resources

CU-944 | Adding new topic to list of topic consumers for FIE

EL-8365 | bug: logs should not be sent to logstash-system

EL-8305 : Ultipro : New Resources fields

  • Ultimate Ultipro New resources added : /companies/{id}/employees/{employeeId}/fields and /fields

EL-8020: Added new resources for dynamicscrmrest element

  • added new resources appointments, campaigns, campaign-activities, campaign-items, campaign-responses, customer-relationships, emails, letters, list-members, phone-calls, relationship-roles, sales-orders
  • enabled bulk upload and download
  • enabled polling

EL-8467 Marketo element enhancements for opportunities/roles and fields

  • Marketo element enhancements to include opportunities and opportunities/roles
  • Ability to pass fields to vendor for leads