Production Changelog - February 2022


The v1 formula engine has been deprecated.

Formula instances associated with a user are now deleted when the user is also deleted from the organization.

Formula engine has been enhanced to maintain the accuracy of scheduled formulas triggering at a specified interval.


Bright talk

Models of multiple resources have been updated with new fields.

SAP Ariba

Updated the where clause documentation of SAP Ariba resources related to different supported operators.

Office 365

A new resource has been introduced to the Office 365 element which now allows attachments bigger than 3MB in size.


Bulk jobs in Pardot now provide a detailed error of bulk upload failure.


Changes have been introduced to the VDRs on a platform level, enhancing the performance of the VDR engine.

Salesforce VDRs now allow custom fields mappings on custom objects.

Changes to the VDR sharing capabilities have been introduced to add an extra layer of security.