Production Changelog - June 2022


  • The /files/links resource was having a permissions error. This issue was resolved.
  • An issue related to instance authentication with default user role has been fixed.
  • An issue causing the oauth token getting improperly decoded has been fixed.


  • A new role for permissions to manage executions has been introduced. This helps isolate the read only permissions for formula executions to users who do not have this permission enabled.


  • SAP Successfactors

We have fixed metadata for the following objects in the catalog element: ExternalLearner, ExternalLearnerAddressInfo, ExternalLearnerEmailInfo, ExternalLearnerPersonalInfo, ExternalLearnerPhoneInfo.

  • SAP Ariba

The /pendingApprovables resource has been upgraded to the the v2 version.

  • Google Cloud Storage

An issue causing GET /files/{id} to return 404 errors due to permission issues has been resolved.

  • OneDrive and Sharepoint Graph

The POST /files resource has been modified to handle the createUploadSession task within a single API call.

  • Google Drive

An issue causing polling events to not render the events properly has been resolved.