Production Changelog - April 2021

Account Management/Roles

  • We updated the user authentication flow, allowing you to automatically create a Github or Google social login when creating a new user; if the user does not exist, they will now be created.
  • We added support for completing the email verification process for users via the API.



  • We added support for dot or comma notation for endpoint fields that accept it.
  • We added support for the x-searchable-operators as comma-separated strings for model searchables; you can now include them in Element Builder's Models tab of any available resource.

Amazon S3

  • We fixed an issue that prevented instance provisioning with temporary credentials.
  • We updated messaging for both authentication and authorization failures.


We fixed an issue with the element's instance provisioning process.

Google Suite

  • We made several updates, including returning a proper response for empty contacts, events-related instance improvements, and expanded responses to the GET /objects endpoint.
  • We fixed page size-related issues for multiple endpoints.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We updated the descriptions in the element's swagger API documentation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM REST

We updated the metadata to now support bulk for discovery resources.

Netsuite (all elements)

We added support for the IN operator on the /ledger-accounts endpoint.


We updated the element, improving x-searchables functionality for the created_at and updated_at fields.

Sage Accounting

We increased the timeout for calls made to the ledger-details endpoint to 180 seconds.

ServiceNow/ServiceNow OAuth

We fixed an issue with polling events on the GET /contacts endpoint.


We enhanced the element, adding these sub-sites/lists endpoints:

  • POST /sites/lists
  • GET /sites/lists
  • PATCH /sites/lists/{id}
  • GET /sites/lists/{id}
  • DELETE /sites/lists/{id}
  • POST /sites/lists/{id}/items
  • GET /sites/lists/{id}/items
  • PATCH /sites/lists/{id}/items/{itemId}
  • GET /sites/lists/{id}/items/{itemId}
  • DELETE /sites/lists/{id}/items/{itemId}


We removed access to recently deprecated Slack APIs; see their documentation for more information about the deprecations.


We fixed an issue kept users from provisioning an instance if the database name is in lowercase or contains a space.


We added support for both the and reply_time_in_minutes.calendar fields with the ticket_metrics object metadata call.


  • We now allow importing of formulas with multiple triggers (though only one trigger can be active at a time).
  • We made several improvements to the Formula Debugger user experience.
  • We added visibility of a Formula execution's steps while the execution is pending.


  • We fixed an issue that kept very large VDR libraries from displaying properly.
  • We added the ability to add a transformation to a VDR directly from the VDR's overview page.
  • We fixed an issue that unshared any shared VDRs when migrated between environments.