Production Release Notes - Version vhotfix-SDR-3374_branch

Release notes -- vhotfix-SDR-3374_branch (since vhotfix-EL-7869)


El 7438 1

EL-7697 | Enhance Element Builder setup to make configurations extendable

  • Ability to make the Element configurations extendable.

CU-838 | Formula Execution Steps and Step Values download APIs

  • Two new APIs
  1. /formulas/instances/executions/:id/steps
  2. /formulas/instances/executions/:id/step-values
  • These APIs helps to download the formula execution steps and step-values respectively as a stream/file.

EL-7663 Introduction of new privilege to control Element Whitelisting

  • Introduction of new privilege Manage Org WhiteListing of elements
  • This permission is to allow user to update remove whitelist elements for the organization

EL-8005 | Generate column data for element config owner_account_id when Developer runs ElementGeneratorGroovy

EL-7869 - Introduced Import/Export of VDRs

  • Introduced Import/Export of VDRs (Supports Org and Account level)

DELIVERY-1865: Added content-length param for Sugar attachments

  • Have added content-length parameter in documents/{id}/attachments endpoint of Sugar so that sugar can respect any values passed in from the query parameters.
  • Before changes: Even if we pass content-file-name as query param, the filename in the response wasn't changing
  • After changes: The filename in response changes as per the value sent in the content-file-name parameter

EL-7873:Ultipro Element /fields resource addition

  • Added two new resources to Ultipro element
  • GET /companies/{id}/fields and /companies/{id}/employees/{employeeId}/fields

EL-8079: BrightTALK - Upgrade BrightTALK Production URL

  • Updated BrightTALK production url from '' to ''.

EL-8098 | Custom element fails to save if any cloned element doesn't contain default configuration params

EL-8116 | Mandatory extended element configs cause instance creation failure