What data does Cloud Elements store?

On any normal API call, we will not log the data that was sent or received. Cloud Elements, by default, does not retain request/response bodies unless specifically configured otherwise for debugging purposes. However, request/response metadata such as the url, method, and timestamp is retained for 180 days. Any customer data is immediately destroyed upon account deletion.

Here are some examples of when we do store data and for how long.


For Bulk, because bulk is an asynchronous job the data must be stored so that it can be downloaded when the job is done. Like Formulas, this data is stored for seven days before being deleted.


On formulas, the data that is sent and received on API calls will be logged in the debug log. This data is stored for at least three days and up to seven days before it is deleted. This data may include request and response values, if they are present in your formulas.

If you are concerned about compliance, it is possible to turn off formula logging.


The data received by polling and webhook events is stored in the event log. Event data is retained for seven days after which it is deleted. 

If you have further questions or would like more details on our data storage policies, contact your account manager.