Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.527

Release notes -- v2.208.527 (since v2.208.508)


RVCL-1100 :Updated the customers where query to include LIKE

  • Can now use LIKE in the where query of `/customers/

EL-2285: Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP element

  • New Element - Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP element
  • Supports Bulk Upload and Download
  • Supports making call to any Web API exposed in Dynamics Navision

El 2327 Pipedrive element now supports oauth authentication

  • Added oauth as an authentication method for Pipedrive element

RVCL-1137: Run validation on all privileges

  • Run validation on all the privileges trying to be assigned

EL-2454: Added new resource /visitors to Eloqua element

  • Added new resource /visitors in Eloqua element with bulk support.

EL-2779: BrightTalk-Fixed the Bug with hubspotCountryValues field

  • Modified "hubspotCountryValues" and "hubspotCountry" to "hubspotCountryValue" so as to remove the discrepancies between metadata and api response.