Data Backups and Collections

Cloud Elements' backup strategy is to backup User data and metadata about the instances every four hours and maintain online for 90 days. Then data is achieved off-line to an AWS S3 encrypted bucket, for an additional nine months.

For any normal API call, Cloud Elements will not log the data that was sent or received. Cloud Elements, by default, does not retain request/response bodies unless specifically configured otherwise for debugging purposes. However, request/response metadata such as the url, method, and timestamp is retained for 180 days. Any customer data is immediately destroyed upon account deletion.

Customer Data and Restoration

Restore Instances and data on-demand

The non-authenticated element instance configuration is recoverable, and if there is a need to recover data older than 90 days, a support request is required to restore data from our encrypted AWS S3 archives. In the event of an incident or disaster the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is eight hours

Soft Delete

At the end of the subscription, a Delete Account is performed. This only leads to setting the account to inactive. This type of deletion is a soft delete, which enables customers to retrieve them in some cases. You'll notice that the 'active' flag has been switched to 'false' after a deletion.

In the case of Active Data, such as formulas, VDRs and element instances, private elements, we guarantee recovery from backups in case of an incident. Special cases where a database corruption occurs right after the backup, only data from the last successful backup can be recovered.

In the case of account/org data being deactivated, users cannot make API calls to existing instances, but data is still retained up to a year.

Hard Delete

A customer can retrieve data (e.g. element instances, formulas, custom elements) once the account was soft deleted. For any data that is deleted by the customer, the recovery is not guaranteed. If a user/account is deactivated, then all the data associated with the user is also deactivated but not deleted. Of course, element instance token refreshes will no longer happen, so that instance will become stale.

If a user/account is deleted, and although it may be a soft delete, the user’s content may be soft or hard deleted, so recovery of the user’s content is not guaranteed, as mentioned above. We will have to do an audit of what content is soft delete vs hard deleted when a user/account is deleted, soft or not.

In the case of account/org data is deactivated with a permanent flag as true (hard delete). Users cannot make API calls, and also reactivation and recovery is not guaranteed.

Customer's subscription term

During the subscription term customers are able to access its data at any time through their account. Any data that is processed in the use of our API solutions on the Platform is only maintained for up to seven days, and then deleted.

At the end of the customer's subscription term the only data available would be metadata such as the url, method, and timestamp is retained for 180 days.

Data Collection

The Cloud Elements platform does not collect data or information about individual users (e.g., tracking usage patterns with web analytics, collecting IP addresses or email addresses) for benchmarking, product improvement, marketing, reporting, or any other purpose.

The data collected (personal or non-personal) is not used for any purpose other than to provide the cloud service to the customer, such as product improvement or benchmarking.